Once the enclosure has been painted and the client has selected the screen that we will use, we choose the right spline to fix the screen to the metal based on our experience.

We take into account that there are different kinds of metals as well as differences in the fabrics. Rendering some thicker or thinner, and the spline will not fit perfectly unless we have made the proper selection. With this, we ensure that our work lasts and that our guarantee is true.

We must mention that our work is done safely. Supported by ladders and a Werner Scaffolding Plank that allows us the act from the inside and outside of the cage to place the roof panels and cover the walls. Thus avoiding accidents and offering security to our workers.

Our work will always be organized in a way so that we never install complete panels.

We divide the cage section by section. From the largest to the smallest. This way ensuring that the panels remain taut and without wrinkles or bubbles that may damage the aesthetic. We also take as a reference the thread of the fabric to align the panels, achieving a symmetry that will make your enclosure look perfect.

Wait no more to see your pool enclosure with a new personalized style. Your pool will look amazing from the very first day

We offer fair, reasonable prices and love to please.

We promise to arrive at your home as soon as possible so you don’t have to wait, and it is our pleasure to make a free estimate for what will be a great deal for you.


In the case of the screen, we know that the quality of what we use and offer depends on the selection of the client. Once client decides which screen to use, we give our guarantee. Our guarantee is always between 5 to 10 years, taking into account that we take care of our cuts and avoid rubbing when we introduce the spline to the aluminum groove. If something occurs before the guarantee ends, we will proceed to act in a timely manner to solve the problem.