Our service: Step by Step

Firstly, we cover the entire pool to avoid accidental spillage of paint or dirt particles falling due to the pressure washing of the enclosure.

Secondly, we proceed to remove the entire screen.

Then, as previously mentioned, we pressure wash the enclosure. This is done utilizing a pressure washer at the appropriate spots in every spot of the enclosure to ensure that all loose paint is properly removed and to determine the areas that need to be prepared with greater care to achieve a flawless finish.

We know that the vegetation near the enclosure is of great importance to our clients. For this reason, we cover it with utmost care to protect it from being sprayed, which could cause slight damage. We also cover the surrounding areas of interest that could run the risk of being stained.

Once the cage is washed and the surrounding areas are covered. We proceed to sand and prepare the places where the loose paint was removed as well as other places that need. It in order to guarantee the durability and the quality of the work.

We care about details

The next step is applying the paint using our great experience and the necessary products. This is done in two stages. First, we apply the first coat as a thin layer of paint that covers the miniscule pores that are inherent to the metal formation. Second, after the first coat dries completely, we repeat the same process. This time applying a thicker and more resilient layer with more care. We would like to point out that our particular paint made for aluminum is very quick to dry. This allowing us to rectify small imperfections in a very short period of time.

After the paint dries, we check the work in a detailed and meticulous way. Retouching where it is necessary until we are absolutely certain that the cage has been perfectly painted. In this final stage, we remove the protections from the covered areas. Clean everything up with great zeal until it sparkles. And wait until the next day to place the screen in the cage.


We guarantee that the paint will last for 5 years. We prepare enclosures with professionality and dedication. In New Model Rescreening & Painting we use the best paint for lasting quality. If something were to happen in that period of time to diminish the quality of our service. We will resolve it promptly.

Regarding the bolts (screws), while they are the originals, the metal will oxidize, and despite using the correct tools and paint. We can only guarantee their quality for 3 years. So we always recommend replacing them with stainless steel bolts that provide better reliability to the cage. The paint on these will last 5 years as well.